A Contest To Get You Self-Publishing

I checked my e-mail this morning and found the company I just finished publishing my book with is launching a contest all my American blog friends should check out. Bookbaby’s contest looks easy to enter. If you are considering self-publishing check them out. The total prize pack is worth over $16 000 in design, publishing, and promotional services. Somebody has to win it, and since I am Canadian and not eligible to enter maybe one of you can. I am pretty happy with Bookbaby. They did my cover design, my ebook and my printed book. And the only mistakes made were mine!


3 thoughts on “A Contest To Get You Self-Publishing

  1. Wanda Cheshire

    Shannon, It is a great pleasure being your Aunt. I can’t really say that I am an AUNT…as we grew up together. Congrats! Milestones have been accomplished! Take a sigh of relief…and enjoy the JOURNEY…The real reward is in the journey and not the DESTINATION. You will look back and remember the moments in the middle, not the end, as we do in a GOOD READ! Best of luck.

    1. ShannonRaelynn Post author

      Thank you so much Wanda, I appreciate the sentiment, your words mean a great deal to me, because they are so very true to me. The journey is what is important to me, with all the highs and lows and bumps along the way. Thanks so much for your support!

      1. Wanda Cheshire

        You are most welcome, Shannon. It’s not everyday that someone publishes a book. Be humble…but proud. Cheers! W

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