I Am About To Get Naked And Sell Myself

That’s a pretty stark description, but it is very much how I feel right now.

Book writing, book revising, book editing, and book publication are all complete. I have to put myself and my book out there. It’s all about the sales now. I have barely begun and I already feel “icky”.

I feel like a contestant on the television show “How To Look Good Naked”. Stripped of my private writing space, stripped of my solitary, comfortable process, I am about to move into the world of people, opinions, and sales. I have to mingle and schmooze, sell and promote. I am horribly under qualified. I lasted two hours at my one and only sales job as a telemarketer. One ‘f’ bomb from an irate man whose dinner I disturbed and I tucked tail, ran, and never looked back. I can go days without seeing another human being who isn’t a resident in my house. And self-promotion? My background is part First Nation’s Cree. Humility, we are taught, is one of the greatest virtues.

So knowing these facts about myself it is no wonder I have to force myself to write each blog post, why I struggle to get my advertising done, and why as my book launch is approaching, I feel great trepidation. Now comes the part where I have to try and get people to buy my book. I am wriggling and squirming at the thought.
I am being poked and prodded with a very sharp stick (of my own making) towards a goal I want to try and achieve. It’s my goal, my push, but part of me is screaming “Leave me alone in my little office and just let me write my books!” I think that is a very good clue it’s time for this all to happen. I need to grow.

I was caught off guard a few days ago by a phone call from the local newspaper asking me to do a quick interview. I had gone into the paper to buy ad space for my book launch and the receptionist mentioned she’d pass my information on to the editor who might be interested in doing a story. I got a call just a few days back, and today the paper has the article. It has begun.


With luck people are going to talk about and judge my book. I am going to get reviews. I am going to have to ask people to look at my book. My ego is going crazy at the thought, inundating me with assurances that my book is not worthy. My mistakes are too many. I can shut my ego off and tell myself regardless of what any other individual thinks I like my book, I am proud of it. Not everyone will feel the same and that is okay when I am alone sitting in my office. However the thought of picking up that phone or even worse, personally pleading for space to sell my book or the opportunity to do a book signing, is terrifying. I have to ask people… for stuff. I hate to ask people for anything. Asking means I want what they have the power to give or withhold. I have to deal with rejection. It’s all so excruciating.

And yet I am writing another book. As painful as this part is, I am signing myself up to do it all over again in the future.

I must really love writing.

11 thoughts on “I Am About To Get Naked And Sell Myself

  1. Violet McConnell

    You will be pretty sexy being naked. lol lol -you are amazing daughter-beautiful yes xoxoxox wishing all the best for you-

  2. ericjbaker

    The difference between telemarketing and promoting your book is now you have a product you believe in. You are not selling a piece of junk to make a quick buck; you are selling something that will give enjoyment to readers! They NEED this book.

    Remember to sell the benefits, not the specs (the plot isn’t that important to your pitch, it’s the enjoyment/enlightenment/entertainment people will get from reading it), and never apologize!

    Good luck!

    1. ShannonRaelynn Post author

      Thank you so much! Very sweet of you, but with my book launch going on this week, WordPress got lost in the shuffle. Sorry for the delay in responding!

  3. Suzanne

    Eric’s advice to you was right on the money. Trust me, the promo part gets easier….plus book promo can be fun and painless too…. can be great fun going to book stores, libraries, book clubs and meeting all kinds of interesting people who LOVE books, just like you do. YOu will be starting off with something in common right off the get go.

  4. Marilyn McConnell

    Dear Shannon: Sorry I missed your BIG day! Congratulations on getting naked! I promise it will get easier and better. Go far and enjoy the ride! Hugs! Your Aunt Marilyn

    1. ShannonRaelynn Post author

      Thank you so much Aunty Marilyn, and when I head down to Calgary to peddle some books, I will try and meet up with you.


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