The road to becoming an author really can end with one becoming an author!

No matter what else happens down other roads, I will always have April 28th, 2013 to look back on.

A Happy Author

Last December when I made up my mind to self-publish, I also decided I would do a book launch party. My initial vision was that I would do an e-book of “Seascape” and maybe get fifty copies printed. I’d have my friends over, and it would be an excuse to throw a small party. Somehow things got carried away (this may have had something to do with my husband saying “Come on! Order 500 books, I’ll help you sell them. We need to invest in you.”) It was an impulse buy/decision, and once I made it I had to take myself, my novel, and this business much more seriously.

I have had so much encouragement along the way from so many. It made it easier to wrap my head around the idea that this decision might not be such a bad one. But 500 books is such a lot of books. And renting a hall, paying advertising, buy and preparing a carload of food is such a risk, with no guarantee of any return.
I am so glad I made the leap!

My book launch had so much support. There were so many people who came and bought books. I saw so many familiar faces, and so many new and unexpected faces! I literally cannot believe how many men in the past week have purchased my book, and not just for their significant other. Men are reading my book! Wow!

Sitting at that table with my pen in hand, signing books with my wacky, messy, little scrawl (that some commented did not look like a real signature), and then doing a reading, it all felt incredible. I thought it might feel surreal, but it felt very real! It felt earned and I was able to enjoy the experience, despite nerves.

Reading for the crowd

Not since my wedding day have I ever been the focus of so much attention! And so much positive attention was overwhelming, in the best possible way. To have so many family and friends show up and support me, to work for hours at preparing food and refreshments, when I couldn’t even help, to compliment me, to want the best for me, to cheer me on, and to pay hard earned cash for my creativity, well needless to say, that kind of energy spilled over long into the night and the next day.

Yesterday I did not check my blog, I didn’t check Facebook. I had to unravel and unwind from the deluge of blessings. I had to soak in my gratitude. I had to remember that even though the day before I was a newly launched author, a glowing success, well on my way to selling my five hundred copies, I also had to remember that the date was April 29th, and I had not yet done mine and my husband’s taxes.

Back to regular life… which now also includes selling and promoting my book. I am feeling pretty damn good even if I now need to retitle my blog.

The road to becoming an author really can end with one becoming an author!

My novel amongst the decorations.

My novel amongst the decorations.

12 thoughts on “The road to becoming an author really can end with one becoming an author!

  1. Suzanne

    lol Nothing like taxes to give one a reality check! 😦

    I am sure there will be many more successes to follow your fabulous book launch, Sometimes the road may get a little bumpy, but all in all I know you are going to absolutely love the ride! My wish is for you is to continue to enjoy and cherish every moment of your well-earned success.

    Thank you again for having the book launch so that we could share in your joy and accomplishment.

    Carry on! 😉

  2. Denis

    Watching you read a section of your book to the crowd was special for me. Something about that particular part of the day really clinches “authorship” in my view.

  3. ericjbaker

    Your energy and enthusiasm is great! Congrats on the success of your book launch event and for having so many supportive people in your life. What goes around comes around.

  4. Jessica Adriel

    Wishing you a great success. I like how you just went for it! I reblogged this article for my readers on

    1. ShannonRaelynn Post author

      Jessica, thank you so much! In so far as going for it, I have to say, I had no choice. It was go for it or don’t and I had to do something with all my work. I had so much encouragement and support it seemed silly to not to. And we all have to start somewhere.

  5. laurenjbarnhart

    Congratulations! I too just had my first book launch party, and it certainly did have that strange feeling of being like another wedding. It was great to see so many friends and supporters. I’m learning so much, everyday in marketing my book, and it’s the most enjoyable experience. A great feeling of building my dream. Wishing you the best of success!

    1. ShannonRaelynn Post author

      My daughter and husband both said it was very much like another wedding. I have to say it definitely teaches you new things everyday. I send best wishes to you as well, and all the success you want and can handle!

  6. laurenjbarnhart

    Now that the book party is becoming a distant memory, and friends have all shared their tremendously encouraging thoughts and praise for the book, I am back to reality. There is definitely an understanding that now begins the long process of building an audience. I sent out twenty books to reviewers, though I’ll be lucky to get one review. And living in the city, there are thousands of other people vying for coverage of their creative endeavors. So it’s all up to me to make things happen. An exciting challenge, but like you, I’ve never been one for sales!

    1. ShannonRaelynn Post author

      I have to say living in the country is giving me an advantage I had not considered.

      A friend bought and donated a book of mine to a local library and suggested they might want to have me for their book club. The librarian gave the “I’ll read and see” response but since then she has recommended me during a librarian meeting that occurred province wide in Alberta.

      I am getting e-mails every week from small town librarians asking me to please come and do an author visit (three so far). Some are even willing to give me a small stipend to off set my travel costs as well as let me sell my books. They also do all the advertising in their local papers and to their book clubs. They try to generate attendance for these events because it does them well, in so far as their program funding goes.

      My first library visit was only four ladies but they each bought a book and I was there for about an hour and half. They were very interested and had great questions. My next is during a different town’s cultural days, and the librarian here plans to have me in a high traffic location and will be promoting my visit for the next three months, before I arrive.

      Word of mouth is working to my advantage in a way I hoped for but truly did not expect. Consider approaching the small town libraries on the outskirts of your city. I am amazed at how interested and helpful these locations are turning out to be.


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