Monthly Archives: September 2013

Tell me your favorite

Instead of working on my current work in progress I have been a little distracted lately. And the whole blogging things has fallen by the wayside. To ease myself back in I decided to post four pieces of poetry I have recently been inspired to write. Tell me which one you like best.


I am not here
I am gone, wanting in the direction of you
What’s left behind has been made lazy
Your absence strips the will from my limbs
It steals the want from my movements
All that I am is missing

I am always, only,
a few strategically placed pieces of wood
away from igniting
I remember the work it used to take to get a smolder
Now I am half lit and ready to burn
Don’t need a match
Don’t need gasoline
Just add wood

My Bed
Come crawl in next to me
Lie with me in my unclean sheets
They are dirtied by my need
Clean my want away

I don’t miss the girl I used to be
She was sad and easy.
But I feel the need to visit,
To travel back in time and watch her sob into her pillow.
I wasn’t there for her then, the way I can be now.
In her darkened room I sit next to her
My weight sinks the bed
She senses me
I feel her heart race with fear
In my own chest.
I rest my hand on our hip
I speak
“It will all be okay”
“You are not alone”
Her heartbeat slows
Her eyes close
She rests.
I hold her hand
I stroke her head.
I stay with her.