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Indigo, Here I Come!

This week I have my first official bookstore signing at a chain store for my novel “Seascape’. The Indigo store I will be visiting is in a huge location and is super busy. This Saturday I will be at the Calgary Crossiron Mills location. From 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. I will be front and center of the store.

I am nervous!

I have had several events. Why is this one sparking so much anxiety? Because it is Indigo. Even more scary, to have a good sale, to do my absolute best, I have to get out from behind my display table and mingle. I have to pass out bookmarks and approach people.

Ugh! Approaching people is my struggle.

I have a game plan but if you have any suggestions or recommendations about how I should conduct myself, I am open to receiving.

Seriously, I am all ears.