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I am a neophyte

I am not totally new around here but I am new enough to admit I don’t know much.

I joined WordPress not really to blog, but to have a website location to direct people so they might purchase my novel. I am a novelist not a blogger (she sniffs haughtily). I did not intend on blogging but I began in order to assist the development of my advertising platform like some publishing/advertising guru directed. (My posts are a little long winded. I am trying harder to cut them down). Now I am hooked, and don’t think I am going to go away anytime soon. There are just too many great writers around here, and I like writing something different from my current project.

Since I am going to stick around I better start learning how to navigate this site. I have a few questions for you, answer as many as you like.

1) What are the written/unwritten rules of blogging as you see them? What are your pet peeves about other bloggers? What should I avoid doing? What do you enjoy others doing?

2) I see many other bloggers linking music and/or videos from artists? Isn’t this against copyright laws?

3) Explain the whole blogging awards thing to me. I know they are for encouragement and for fun but I can’t make the damn things work. Cutting and pasting didn’t work.

4) What are five of your favorite blogs?

I can write a blog and do the very basics, but not much more. I am not helpless; I am technologically adaptive, meaning if you explain it to me I can figure things out. (Just tonight I figured out on my own how to install my “buy it now” button for my novel. It should appear in the next few days.)

I would really like to get the most out of this experience. I want to have fun with it. Up until now, I have been half-assing it because I was pressed for time. I don’t have more time but I have decided to spend less time sleeping, primping, dusting, cooking, organizing and eating. I am learning to love reading at my computer. In the past couple of months with little effort on my part I have been introduced to great blogs with incredible writers and people passionate about writing such as:


I want more.

So if you have a few minutes, please help a neophyte out?