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Publication complete!

The last two weeks has been very busy for me indeed, and I am delighted to say that I am now completed all publication duties for my first novel. Two days ago the final proofs for my printed copy were sent to me, and I approved them. “Seascape” is in printing, and sometime next week, my novels will be shipped. By the second week of April I hope to have my finished novel in my hand. As of April 1st “Seascape” will begin to be available for sale on assorted e-readers. By the time of my book launch it should be downloadable on all
e-reader formats.

After many, many years, I can finally say I am a published author, and this book is done! Having completed the self-publishing process it is time to give my evaluation of the company I used.

I found Book Baby after doing some research into self-publishing, and I selected them because they offered
one-stop shopping. They provided Ebook conversion, publishing, and distribution, cover design, book printing, author websites, and even some basic promotional services. I was especially pleased with their ability to distribute my novel in every E-reader format currently available.

I began the process at the end of January 2013, and today everything is wrapped up and complete, other than the delivery of my books. The process had only a few hiccups.

The first delay occurred with my cover design. The first proof wasn’t quite what I had visualized, mostly because when they sent me the images they had selected, I agreed to them, even though I wasn’t quite happy with the images, which was totally my mistake. Upon seeing the completed product, I explained that it wasn’t quite what I wanted and made a few suggestions for change. They quite quickly responded and I have to say the second proof was perfect.

The next problem was the only major issue I experienced and if I had done my printed book first as opposed to the e-book, this problem would have been avoided. I uploaded my novel as a single Microsoft Word document, which had been thoroughly edited by a professional editor. All the headings and page numbers had been removed, and it was properly formatted. When the proof was returned to me for approval and it was riddled with spacing errors.

I was forced to reject the proof, and I was told that I would have to find, itemize and describe every single spacing error throughout the whole manuscript. There were dozens! This resulted in a three week proofreading delay. My husband thankfully volunteered to perform this chore because I feared reading my manuscript at this point, might spark a self-conscious panic fit, which would lead to a desire to edit further and/or make additional changes.

Book Baby quickly made the changes and sent me another proof. This time I decided since it was going to be the last read before publication, I should be the one to give it a final look over. I told myself that if I found three or less errors I would proceed with publishing as is. I found seven more errors which resulted in another round of corrections and further delay. I accepted the third proof.

The printed copy required only one proof. There were no spacing errors to deal with because I paid extra for black text formatting. They had to design my spine and back cover, and they got it right the first time.
I found Book Baby to be reasonable priced, professional, and easy to use. If I had begun with the printed book first I would not have lost the time to the spacing errors as long as I paid for the black text formatting. If you choose to go with Book Baby, and you intend on doing a printed book as well as an ebook, I recommend doing the printed book first.

As someone new to the process I liked that they were very willing to do as much my way as I wanted, but in areas that I was uncertain, like the black text formatting, Book Baby staff were able to put together a sample for my perusal. Their website has a quote calculator so I knew exactly how much their service would cost. We exchanged a few phone calls. They graciously answered all my questions and everyone was friendly and helpful, but they did prefer all instructions and changes take place in e-mail format so there was no chance of misunderstanding.

Although I have absolutely nothing to compare Book Baby against, I have to say that at this point I found the process relatively painless and easy. And as long as my printed books look like this:

Seascape final cover design

I’ll be happy!