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An Office Without A Door

Last year my husband and I built a new house on our quarter section of land. The home was made from my own design, and as the designer I got to create my office.

Other office 003

My office 026

My comfy reading chair

My comfy reading chair

My office consumes the whole top floor of our house and comes complete with a bathroom and a balcony. In the summer I set up a table and chair on the balcony so I can enjoy my morning coffee and write.

But in the winter I must remain inside at my desk.

My office 028

As you can see it is no hardship. The inside of my office is almost as nice as being outside in nature. But silly me, I forgot to put in a door. The door at the bottom in the picture leads to the master bedroom, but the stairwell itself, opens to the livingroom.

My office 003

When I set out to design my private office space, one would think, a door would have been my first priority but it honestly never entered my head. Thankfully, my husband works away, and my daughter is at school all day, and I really have the house to myself for large portions of time.

I love my office even without the door. My only other gripe about my office is that the windows in front of my desk let in too much sun. I really should invest in blinds. I just can’t bear to block the view or the natural light so I shift in my chair and hide behind my monitor and consider moving the desk around.

Now that you have seen the office are a few facts about what happens in my space.

**** My best writing time is in in the morning after I have exercised.

**** I can consume up to 4 pots of green tea during a work day. This of course necessitates the nearby bathroom.

**** On a great writing day I stop only out of hunger. On a truly excellent writing day I stop only when the alarm goes off, annoucing my daughter needs to be picked up from the bus. I am usually starving, but until that alarm goes off, I do not notice.

**** I won’t lie. I have built-in procrastination procedures incorporated into my writing process. Before I begin writing I usually check my e-mail. I will then play solitaire while I listen to selectively chosen, mood enhancing music. And if I am in a truly uninspired mood I’ll check Facebook. I have a bad habit of always answering the phone, even if I know it is a telemarketer.

**** My average writing work week is four days a week, seven hour days. Lately much of that time is being used blogging, and working on promotional and publication duties for my upcoming book. I am only averaging one work day a week on my new novel. That will change after my book launch because I do not want to take another 12 years to finish the next book.

**** I have a small heater in my office. I need warmth or my fingers won’t type.

**** I can not write when I am tired or sleepy. I will fall asleep on my keyboard.

**** I used to see insomnia as a curse; now it is is extra writing time (but only if I am willing to haul my butt out of the warm bed and turn the furnace up).