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Wisdom is out there…

In my last post I explained that I want to use my blog to change the world. Before we can even consider impacting the world we must be able to change ourselves.

The strangest phenomena for me to witness is someone I know struggling with an issue, immersed in pain, completely miserable and doing nothing about it. When I have a problem I cannot solve, when I am lacking, when I can’t accomplish a goal, or when I am experiencing some sort of pain, I want to end this experience.  I also understand I am doing something wrong and something has to change.

I get curious. I start searching.

One thing I know for certain is whatever I am struggling with, someone out there has already has answers, solutions, and experience I am lacking. We enter the world helpless and needing years of nurturing and training simply to survive. If we don’t learn at some point we won’t live. Learning is a necessity. However life isn’t just about keeping my body and brain existing. There is something within humanity that seeks to be more than just an eating, sleeping, reproducing and surviving organism. We create, we connect, we love, and we change. We conquer new vistas, we explore the unknown, and we overcome challenges. We define the impossible and immediately begin to make it possible.

Human evolution is constant. This is a cause for celebration because life is hard. We are at the mercy of many things that can impact, alter, or even end our lives. The world is also filled with opportunities to stabilize and secure our experience, to enhance enjoyment and mitigate problems, to quell and avoid pain, and to even lengthen our lives. Simply stated, I see wisdom as acquired experience, knowledge, and practises that when adopted, generate improvement, and can be duplicated by others.

Wisdom is everywhere. It’s in books, and on radios. It’s in blogs and movies, and songs. You can discover it in late night chats around a campfire, or in classes being given by professionals. The internet is largely a storage warehouse for other people’s wisdom (but beware they store their junk there too). When I look I can always find people who have expertise or experience they are willing to share. I look for evidence that they have successfully overcome whatever issue I am struggling with. Once I am certain that they are happier, healthier, and more successful than me, instead of getting envious I get excited. I get curious. I get ready to watch, listen and to learn.

Today, if you can’t find the answers you are looking for you aren’t looking hard enough. The world is at our fingertips, and it is filled with people who are willing to share what they have learned. Too often we allow laziness, mistrust, insecurity and fear to hold us back from evolving. They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. People are champions at this behavior, but we are also champions of doing something different, of stepping outside of the box, of climbing to new heights and becoming more than we imagine we can be. To be different we must do different. You can’t just hear advice you have to try it. You need to experiment. If it doesn’t work you try it again. If it still doesn’t work, try something else.

Wisdom is out there, you simply have to seek it.  Are you interested?

Ahem… I am announcing that I want to change the world!

That sounds both pretentious and naively optimistic. Is this feat possible?  Can I change the world?

In the middle of a very intense discussion I was having with one of my best girlfriends, about things we didn’t like in the world, I had an epiphany. It was one of those realizations you feel sheepishly embarrassed you did not have sooner, the kind as glaringly obvious as a moose on a white winter road. This blog, the one you are currently reading, had been abandoned. I left it sitting and starving in the background of my thoughts where it begged continuously for nourishment and attention, demanding to be fed or put to death.

Suddenly, in the middle of agreeing with my girlfriend about everything that was wrong with the world I was struck by the thought “I should be blogging about the thing I am most passionate about”. Yes, I know. For a sharp edge I can be a little dull at times, and ironically what I am most passionate about is learning.

I’m a lusty seeker of wisdom. I’m insatiable when it comes to gathering knowledge. People, places, things, and experiences are all selected, inspected, and dissected for bits of truth, new skills, or information that can challenge and change my life.  I devour an endless stream of books especially memoirs and autobiographies. I am a greedy guzzler of blogs, “how to” manuals and self-help books on everything from writing, finances, relationships, parenting, sexuality, and pretty much anything else related to living better or understanding the human condition.

When I was much younger, I began this quest because I was unhappy in my life. I was dissatisfied. That isn’t how I would describe myself any longer. So why do I continue? There is always room for improvement. Not sure where that bit of wisdom came from, but the remembered voice is an exact match to my Grade 10 math teacher.

My blog began as a vehicle to promote my novel and talk about writing, then I used it to blog about a winter stay in England, and now like it’s creator, this blog is undergoing yet another metamorphosis. I’m turning this space into a place that I can store all the little lessons I have accumulated and learned over the years. I am writing about personal evolution.

I love to learn and I love to grow. I want to make my life a better place to live. Nestled deeply inside this desire is a hope that in making my life a better place to live I might have a small impact on the people and therefore the world around me.

It’s a pretentious idea, but sweet, too, I think. I have no idea if I can change the world, but I know I can change my life. I did it by learning and gathering wisdom other people shared. Little of anything I will write about is original. I will try my best to remember who I got the lesson from, but many of these bits and pieces, were gathered and woven into me so long ago I don’t remember from whence they came.  Most everything I have been taught, came to my teachers by way of another. I can’t always promise to post weekly but with more than 40 odd years of wisdom collected it should take a while to run out of material.

My next post, will be about “getting wise”.